Too Many Activities for Wrinkles


Amidst the flurry of repacking the camper, filling out applications for temp jobs, and watching Battle in Seattle, we settled into a rest stop halfway between Bellingham and Seattle to a truly tragic discovery: Wrinkles the sloth was missing! I shed many tears, cracked open a bottle of soju, and prepared to walk across the country back to Adventureland to win myself the jumbo version of Wrinkles in commemoration of our loss, but Patrick was quick to promise that he would bring Wrinkles back by the end of the road trip.

I still had my doubts. Wrinkles had been having a blast cruising through the mountains the past two months. Maybe he wanted to be free and ran away. At the same time, he was the mascot of the road trip. Therefore, no Wrinkles, no road trip. The instability was too much to bear. I was ready to roll into bed and give up on everything, when the landlord from the Buttercup (rental) house responded to our pleas. Before she could force the current guests to search for him, she informed us that the housekeeper in her employ had found Wrinkles!!! The journey to retrieve him now begins.

The housekeeper was out of the country all weekend, so we would have to wait until Monday to retrieve our beloved sloth. To help keep our minds off of our still raging despair, we took a stroll through the Japanese garden in Seattle and paid a visit to the VI Lenin statue, clad with blood-stained hands and some sort of wire around his neck. Even through such glory, the thought of Wrinkles floating around Bellingham kept me awake all night.

At long last, we made the trip back up to Bellingham on Monday and tried to be productive. As we struggled to figure out how the temp agency worked, we received this message:


We quickly pulled into the garage of the rental and unlatched the armoire to find him: Wrinkles, saved at last, never to leave our sight again.

In other news, Patrick was quick to point out that we are currently living the conservative dream: we graduated from college, own our own home, which we bought with cash, and are relentlessly trying to get jobs while holding our family (sloth) at high value. With the grace of Xixi, we are now settled into our temporary home in the suburbs of Seattle, waiting on our temporary jobs to contact us. But no matter how frustrating the days of waiting have been, at least we have a sloth and not a soupy mess.


Wrinkles has a problem.


Jade has a friend.


Wrinkles understands and supports the basic tenets of socialism.


So does Patrick.


As does Jade.


Last sighting of Wrinkles before he disappeared. But we brought back Wrinkles!


Out of the bag and into the street!

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